IBC’s Diversity & Inclusivity Charter of Commitments


The focus of IBC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative is to manage a successful and sustainable organisation in a sustainable and ethical way by taking ownership of corporate decisions and improving them. IBC strive to conduct its business in an ethical manner and works towards having a more positive impact on society.

Three core elements form IBC’s CSR initiative:

  • Environmental Impact and Sustainability
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Community and Charity Endeavours

This article outlines our Charter of Commitments to Diversity and Inclusivity (D&I)

What are we going to do?

IBC is committed to threading diversity into its overall business strategy, vision and purpose to ensure that all stakeholders receive fair treatment. The aim is to highlight and address issues surrounding gender, ethnic diversity, age, religion and education in the industry.

Our approach is to take a phased approached to addressing D&I and focus on Gender Equality in Year One. 

Gender equality: Mission statement

IBC is committed to supporting our industry and breaking down historical barriers by celebrating female role models and inspiring the next generation of female leaders.

Our aim is to support an inclusive community by bringing together like-minded individuals who are passionate about driving positive change within our industry. We celebrate those who have influence and ask them to share their success stories to inspire tomorrow’s female leaders.   By making successes tangible, we aim to create the type of inspiration that turns ambition into reality and moves the debate out of theory and into practice.

Our focus is about raising awareness throughout entire organisations in the media & broadcast industry about gender diversity and offering practical support in laying the foundations for the next wave of women leaders.

How are we going to do it?

Year 1

Charter of commitments:

  • A pledge to achieve a 30:70 female:male ratio on stage 
  • A pledge to increase the number of female visitors at IBC by 20% yoy
  • Publish a Show Code of Conduct by 30 June 2018

Supporting activities:

  • Creation of a D&I Advisory Group composed of independent senior business leaders from our industry, supported by an internal D&I Working Group
  • Diversity by design – we aim to improve representation of society on stage and in our content programmes
  • Profiling and putting a spotlight on new talent and role models in our industry on IBC365
  • Providing thought-leadership commentary, video round tables and opinion pieces on D&I challenges and progress within our industry 
  • Creating inclusive business, technology and creative communities at IBC by hosting networking activities
  • Create a campaign which raises awareness of the issues, as well as drives positivity

Year 2

  • Work with the IBC D&I Advisory Group and key stakeholders to develop activities started in 2018
  • To ensure the initiative continues to be driven all year-round 
  • To identify and focus on another area of D&I   
  • Measure the impact of IBC activities through metrics and sentiment

Year 3

  • Increase the scope of activities and partnerships

Who are we doing it for?

IBC’s D&I activities aim to support our entire industry.  It is weaved throughout the fabric of our business and has no boundaries.   Diversity ties into our overall business strategy, vision and purpose.

What value are we bringing?

  • It creates a competitive advantage and strengthens the IBC brand
  • It further increases trust with shareholders, customers and employees
  • Drives positive and sustainable change within the media, entertainment and technology industry