IBC’s Diversity & Inclusivity Policy


IBC recognises that diversity is not only is a moral obligation, but also contributes to its business success. IBC is therefore dedicated to encouraging supportive and inclusive environments for our people, partners and audiences.

IBC’s commitment to diversity, is reflected in our recruitment processes, our working environment and the products we deliver.  At work, we are dedicated to promoting an inclusive culture where people are encouraged to succeed to the best of their ability. Our events and experiences aim to embrace inclusivity, diversity and promote equality of opportunity.

Diversity is about recognising and valuing the contribution of people from different backgrounds, with different perspectives and experiences. Diversity includes but is not limited to gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity, religious beliefs and cultural background.  Those who interact with IBC can expect fair consideration, regardless of their background.

We put diversity at the heart of what we do because alternative perspectives so often spark the innovative thinking needed to achieve our business goals. Our objective is to foster a culture where differences are embraced and barriers to progression in our industry are overcome.

In the Workplace

IBC’s commitment to diversity, from management, through to the Board and throughout the organisation, means that the team continuously works to ensure an environment that is supportive of equal opportunity and access to career development, remuneration and benefits through the implementation of procedures and policies which support, among other matters, diversity.

These include policies on:

  • Ensuring fair treatment
  • Dignity at work
  • Equal Opportunity - The Law
    • Unlawful discrimination
    • Direct discrimination
    • Indirect discrimination

At the Show

Our core activity is the staging of the annual IBC Show and publishing online content on IBC365, thus our area of biggest impact and positive change in the media, technology and entertainment industry is through the products we deliver.  Through our products, we are committed to driving meaningful and sustainable change with the aim of creating a diverse and better industry.

Our commitments include:

  • Creation of a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Advisory Group composed of independent senior business leaders from our industry, supported by an internal D&I Working Group
  • Ensuring diversity by design – we aim to improve representation of society on stage and in our content programmes
  • Profiling and putting a spotlight on new talent and role models in our industry on IBC365
  • Providing thought-leadership commentary, video round tables and opinion pieces on D&I challenges and progress within our industry 
  • Creating inclusive business, technology and creative communities at IBC by hosting networking activities

With these and other measures, we believe we are continuing to make a positive impact on our customers world-wide, the communities we work in and serve, and our people.

Our policy is regularly monitored and reviewed annually to ensure that equality and diversity is continually promoted in the workplace and at the Show.